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Power Apps

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As an early adopter of PowerApps services for Microsoft 365, we provide PowerApps consulting services to companies of all sizes across industries. Our PowerApps developers have excellence in providing proven, quality-tested professional applications for your business.

We help companies scale and create applications that meet the needs of their business requirements. Using Power Apps, companies can create rapid applications to replace manual data entry and automate manual processes saving time and expense and gaining new data insights and analytics.

Power Apps samples

Does your business have a lot of paper forms laying around?  Or maybe some electronic documents people need to fill in?  Both paper and electronic documents are prone to human error.  Mandatory fields not being filled in, data in all different formats.  Not to speak of how do you analyze or search on that data effectively across all the forms?  This is where Microsoft Power Apps consulting services come into play.

Microsoft Power Apps empowers your business to provide web based, electronic forms to people both inside and outside your business.  The data is centrally stored in a secure location that is only accessible by the people who need to use it.  Fumastra has been mastering Power Apps since it was created in 2016 and has developed experience in automating business forms.

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